Carlín Díaz

Carlín Díaz

1990 | Caracas, Venezuela.

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Hello, my name is Carlín Díaz. I was born in Caracas (Venezuela), a country I left one year and a half ago.

Now I’m living in Paris (France), working as a freelance animator, illustrator and graphic designer. In my free time I skate, watch the 90′s gansta movies, drink something or listen to music with my friends.

Some of my works have organic shapes, others pure geommetry. Shapes, I always think about shapes: a circle's, a flower's, and a woman's shape. But how to represent them graphically? It all depends on the personality of each and every shape, and the vibe they convey.

Every project have his own personality, every project creates his own feelings.

Let’s make attractive and expressive shapes.

Lives in Paris, France.

Interaction de-formes
RVM · PyR 2014