Aurora Gasull Altisent

Aurora Gasull Altisent

1962 | Barcelona, Spain.

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She studies violoncello under María de Macedo (Madrid), Lluís Claret, Marçal Cervera (Sevilla) and Mark Friedhoff, as well as chamber music at the Zeleste school and under Àngel Soler. She's a member of various music formations and chamber orchestras.

In 1990 she begins a 2-year-period devoted to painting and photography (IDEP), after which she enters the digital realm. First, she explores sound (Master degree in music creation and sound technology-UPF) and later, visuals, specialsing in Image synthesis in 1997 (Master degree in CG animation and image synthesis-UIB).

From 2003 onwards, after a professional period, she begins to explore the language of animation, centered on the music. The intangible and yet, real world which only the music is able to produce is the true subject of her animations in this early period; music is the Teacher in her approach to the ephimeral matter of animation: motion and transformation in time.

She then creates a series of silent animations inspired by intimate emotions and perceptions of Nature. Throughout 2015-2016 she performs live visuals in various music and poetry recitals.

Lives in Barcelona, Spain.

Sonades de la calor del foc
RVM · PyR 2014
RVM · PyR 2014
Un Sourire
PyR 2016