Meghdad Asadi Lari

Meghdad Asadi Lari

1982 | Shiraz, Iran.

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Having a Master of Science in Communications Engineering, has made Meghdad a strong technical artist who can apply artistic aspects to scientific fields, and technical aspects to art. He is well known for his developed technical expertise and design capabilities.

Being familiar with all aspects of aesthetics and having a strong control of them, made him to be recognized by other professionals as a creative, precise and fast animator.

Meghdad started his higher education by studying Electrical Engineering in Shiraz Uinversity in 2000, and earned his Master degree in Communications Engineering in 2008.

During his graduate studies, he made several animations and musical videos for more than 20 national and international conferences which were held in his country and received several acknowledgements for his works.

Meghdad is currently studying Master of Fine Arts in the field of 3D Computer Animation at Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, NY, and works as a freelance Designer, 2D/3D Animator.

Lives in Rochester·NY, USA.

Beyond the Spheres
RVM · PyR 2014