Hofstetter Kurt

Hofstetter Kurt

1959 | Linz, Austria.

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Sound, light, and computer installations, sculptures in public space, experimental art videos, music compositions, mathematical reflections and the generation of geometric patterns, so-called tessellation – the work of the conceptual and media artist Kurt Hofstetter is diverse and complex, yet still reflects the greatest degree of concentration and unity. Hofstetter approaches the topics of time and space, parallelism and circulation, in a way that is at once curiously playful and scientifically precise.

The media art project Sunpendulum, reflecting space and time, also gave Hofstetter worldwide recognition. In progressive development since 1996, today the installation shows live Internet-transmitted images of sky taken from video cameras installed in twelve time zones around the world.

It is the fascination with the golden section playing with an “abstract” vocabulary of circles, diagonals, and triangles, which Hofstetter uses to evoke ever-new patterns in the genesis of his Tilings, and led, after 2003, to a new work series, the so-called “inductive rotation images.” Our intellect and our visual sense are stimulated in an effort to understand the aperiodic formal canon as a new, undistorted perception and to trace the Hofstetter-Arabesque with awakened eyes: “What is unique about Hofstetter’s work” is, as Wolf Günter Thiel states, that it is “a geometrical reality itself and can be understood as such. It is then that the search for meaning is established in the sense of a radical constructivism.”

-- Susanne Längle (excerpt)

Lives in Vienna, Austria.

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