Anne Lister

Anne Lister

1951 | Newcastle upon Tyne, UK.

Anne Lister holds a lifelong interest in art frequently visiting art galleries. She is particularly interested in colour and light, including their perception and how they can affect mood. Artists that have influenced her include Mark Rothko and James Turrell.
Her paying career was in IT and her degree in psychology.

As part of her recent art training, Anne started taking photographs to document the process of her art work. Now she enjoys photography as a medium in its own right as well as using it for research and inspiration. Videos are an exciting recent extension of this work. Anne uses her digital SLR cameras to make video shorts, often with an art bias.

Anne recently undertook a contemporary landscape photography short course run by the Whitworth art gallery in Manchester. This inspired her video entry “Landing” which was an experiment made whilst shooting a project at Manchester Airport.

Anne has exhibited in a number of group exhibitions in the UK and was a winner of the 2009 web-based international photographic competition "Fauvism" run by the Picasso Museum in Barcelona.

Lives in UK.

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