Richard Roger Reeves

Richard Roger Reeves

1959 | Weymouth, UK.

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Richard combined his passion for painting and music to create animations by drawing both sound and picture directly onto film.

He has produced award winning animations such as Linear Dreams, Sea Song, 1:1 and Element of Light, all receiving international acclaim.
His entire collection is preserved in 35mm at the National Library and Archives of Canada.

Richard worked at the Quickdraw Animation Society introducing members to the exciting possibilities of animated filmmaking.

He also mentors at the Gulf Islands Film and Television School, inspiring people to use super8 and 16mm film, hand processing and experimental film techniques.
He has taught cameraless animation courses across Canada, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Germany, Switzerland and Brazil and assisted juries on the Toronto International Film Festival, Animerte Dager Norway and Dresden International Film Festival Germany.

He enjoys collaboration with artists and directed a live signal film for the Ottawa International Animation Festival, performing live optical sounds to an animation film at the National Arts Centre. The ‘Optical Orchestra’ performed at Calgary Society of Filmmakers and Quickdraw Animation Society.

Lives in Canada.

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