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Cristina Ghetti is an Argentinean artist based in Valencia (Spain).

The body of work she’s been developing for some years, is conceptual and formally influenced by the fine art tendencies in geometric abstraction.
Her production has been mostly developed in the areas of painting and installation.
She recently gained interest in incorporating new media tools into her work, believing that this will allow her to stress the development of concepts like immersive environment, synaesthesia, interactivity and participation, analyzing how these properties can enhance the plastic discourse and add conceptual dimensions to her work.

MA in Visual Arts and Multimedia from the UPV, she’s currently developing her PhD in “Post Medical Geometry”, where she researches the development of new geometries in the visual arts.

Emanuele Mazza, artist and since 2005, independent researcher at the LaboratoriodeLuz. He’s collaborated in the development of various interactive installations and projects related to electronic arts, like “d3sombra”, a personal work exhibited at Ars Electronica 2006.

Author of “Gamuza”, an open code project based and developed in Openframeworks Creative Coding C++ framework, designed for the development of interactive installations based on various video-tracking techniques.
Since 2006 he teaches various workshops on tools and developing methods related to interactive art.

Lives in Valencia, Spain.

Folding Pattern_Zero
PyR 2011