Etienne López Aranda

Etienne López Aranda

1988 | Seville, Spain.

Although I was born in Seville, I’ve been raised in various small villages of the Sierra of Huelva.
After my basic studies, I discovered my affinity towards art, and joined the Fine Arts Academy at the University of Seville. I later underwent some courses at the University of Mimar Sinam (Istambul) and at the Basque Country University. I finished my art formation in several fields like animation, sculpture and various printwork techniques.
I alternated my BA studies with courses in different areas, as well as brief work incursions into the art world.

My major hobbies are travelling and getting to know new countries and cultures; these rich experiences complement what –up to now- has basically been a formation period, and has become more recently, the beginning of a production period.

I’m currently working on various personal projects, which -little by little- will hopefully see the light.

Lives in Spain.

PyR 2011