Maik Perfahl

Maik Perfahl

1976 | Linz, Austria.

Maik Perfahl studied architecture at the Technical University of Vienna and is a founding member of MOSTLIKELY.

Drifting between Architecture, Design and 3D Computer graphics, he creates conceptual renderings, designs and animations. For over 10 years he's had the opportunity to work on big and small scale projects with companies like Ogilvy, JVM, Philips, Coca Cola, DeluganMeissl and many more. On the other hand, he is strongly involved in the Austrian CG and 3D communities like IGCG and PIXEL Vienna, supporting the local industry and teaching 3D computer graphics at the school "Die Graphische".

As co-founder of MOSTLIKELY DESIGN he is responsible for everything related to 3D computer aided design. Together with his partner Wolfgang List they give lectures and workshops all around the world since the success of the paper animal lampshades. His artistic work is focused on animation which evolve through a playful misuse of today's 3D computer graphics techniques, trying to find and express the emotion within the machine.

Lives in Vienna, Austria.

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