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Eni Brandner

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Eni Brandner is a European filmmaker, animator and visual artist. In her work she is interested to reflect on and around social-critical thematics and in experimenting with creating narratives from fragmented visual elements.
After studying Multimedia Art (Salzburg, Austria 1999-2003) and Animation & New Media (Zagreb, Croatia 2003-2005), she has collaborated with directors and artists from different disciplines as an animator and digital artist. After showing her first film 'Granica’ at several international festivals - to great success, receiving four awards - she was approached to make music videos.

After her first music video, for ‘Inside’ by Ghost Capsules, she continued to work with artists such as Bomb The Bass, Broad Bean Band and more recently, Love Amongst Ruin; her video for their acclaimed single ‘Modern War Song’ was globally premiered on Billboard.com.
Eni’s other recent projects include artwork for albums by Ghost Capsules and Love Amongst Ruin;  clay puppets for an animated film by “Ritterskamp&Wolf", and Digital Art Direction in “The Night Of A Thousand Hours" by Virgil Widrich (DoP Christian Berger).
She currently works on illustrations and experimental animations as well as photography, editing and more music videos.

Lives in Vienna, Austria.

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