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Mitchell Akiyama is a Toronto based composer, artist, and scholar. He has released over ten records on such labels as Raster Noton, Sub Rosa, and Alien8 in addition to works on his own imprint, Intr.version Records. He has scored and contributed music to many films (including El Huaso by Carlo Proto, Puffball by Nicholas Roeg, and The Corporation by Mark Achbar) and dance performances (including Slicing Static by Victor Quijada and Rubberbandance). Akiyama has received commissioned from, among others, the Akousma Festival (in conjunction with the Canada Council for the Arts) and the Nouvel Orchestre D’aujourd’hui. He has performed across Europe, Japan, Australia, and North American in concert halls, clubs, art galleries, fallout bunkers, and festivals including Sonar, Mutek, and Send + Receive.

Akiyama’s artwork questions received knowledge about the senses and perception. Grounded in his research on technological mediation and storage, his installations and multimedia work investigate the relationship between historical narrative and sensory experience. His recent work was featured in the solo exhibition, Ur-sound, or, the noise no writing can store, at Gendai Gallery in Toronto. He has participated in group exhibitions and media arts festivals including the Vienna Museum of Modern Art, Howard House Gallery in Seattle, Le Centre de Culture Val David, and the Signal and Noise festival in Vancouver.

Akiyama recently completed his PhD at McGill University in Communications. His doctoral research examined “field recording” across a variety of disciplines, from biology to folklore to sound art. He has published on numerous subjects, from sound art to urban ecology in journals and magazines including, Leonardo Music Journal, The Canadian Journal of Communications, Canadian Art Review (RACAR), Offscreen, Locus Suspectus, and Matrix. A book chapter entitled “The Recording that Never Wanted to be Heard’ and Other Stories of Sonification,” co-written with Jonathan Sterne, was recently published in the Oxford Handbook to Sound Studies.

Lives in Toronto·ON, Canada.

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