Maja Oschmann

Maja Oschmann

1975 | Kassel, Germany.

Maja Oschmann is an artist and drawer. She studied at the Kassel School of Art and Design, was awarded the Otto-Braun scholarship, and sold her works at the Artothek Art Collection in Kassel.

For many years she has focused her analysis on the relationship between drawing and music. This is reflected in her multidisciplinary projects: at the opening event of the Kassel Music Festival (2005), and with the contemporary composers Diego Jascalevich (2006) and Peter Swinnen (2008).

In 2009 she founded a private school of drawing and accepted a teaching post at the Kassel School of Art and Design.

Virtuos Virtuell with Thomas Stellmach was her first film.

Lives in Kassel, Germany.

Virtuos Virtuell
PyR 2016