Huckleberry Lain

Huckleberry Lain

1981 | Montara, USA.

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Huckleberry obtained his Master in Fine Arts from the University of Southern California in Animation and Digital Arts.
He studied under leaders in the field of experimental filmmaking both inside and outside of academia - Mike Kuchar, Bradley Eros, Kathy Smith, Christine Panushka, Maasaki Tanabe and many other esteemed filmmakers.
Recently he founded a gallery in downtown Los Angeles, piXel (+) freQuency. As a board member of the art organization Newtown, based in and an employee of the iotaCenter (a non-profit organization that promotes experimental film), he curates exhibitions and events around the greater Los Angeles area.

Huckleberry has made over a dozen films that have shown across the world including a documentary, traces of A city (2008), that became a finalist in the 2009 Damah Film Festival in Hiroshima (Japan).
He spent time as a visiting professor in Florence (Italy), teaching students studying abroad at Studio Art Centers International. His films were featured in many programs and film festivals in New York City, Los Angeles, Vancouver, Chicago and other parts of the world.

Lives in Los Angeles·CA, USA.

Implosion of Light and Sound 1: I'll be at the Bottom of the Ocean
PyR 2011
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