Cristian Patricio Soto Pacheco

Cristian Patricio Soto Pacheco

1977 | Punta Arenas, Chile.

Commercial Engineer by profession.
He’s been developing his artistic qualities since 2000, starting with literature, to then join the independent record label Harijan Records in Punta Arenas (Chile), where he works as a producer and sound designer for the band Mantiza .
After the dissolution of Harijan Records in 2003, he joins the art collective “Última Esperanza”, where he works visual arts, participating in the realization of a series of integrated-art works dealing with the subject of Identity. Besides, he also does a series of electronic music recordings and sound montages under the alias “Falsificador”, where his interest in concrete music, sound art and the use of ambience sounds for his compositions gradually increases.

He currently works solo, composing sound pieces that explore the use of ambience sounds, soundscapes and the generation and creation of new sounds. His work also reflects on the interrelation between image and sound.

Lives in Chile.

PyR 2011