Reinhold Bidner

Reinhold Bidner

Salzburg, Austria.

Reinhold studied in Salzburg (AT), Dundee (Sco – UK) Animation and Electronic Media, and in Berlin (Ger)

After his Studies he joined Ars Electronica Futurelab Linz (Time based Media, 2001-2006) and since 2006 he is freelancing in the fields of Animation / Video / Photography / Media Design

Reinhold is part of 2 Collectives: 1n0ut and gold extra and he became Co-Curator of the Austrian Flip Book Festival.

Reinhold received various Prices and Residencies for his artistic work, and he lives and works in Vienna & Salzburg.

Furthermore Reinhold teaches at the Art University Linz in the fields of Motion Graphics and Animation, and since 2012 is a member of the Salzburg county's advisory board of fine arts.

Lives in Austria.

Shadows on Lights
PyR 2016