Abstract Art in Motion

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With the support of
Peque Cervantes # 1 (2020)
Selection of abstract films created by children
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Once again, Punto y Raya collaborates with Instituto Cervantes to take the magic of abstract film to the four corners of the world. Within the PEQUE CERVANTES educational programme, these selections are mainly addressed to children and their families, seeking to inspire them to create their own works for the future festival calls.

We will screen two very special collections of short films created BY CHILDREN for the second installment of Punto y Raya JUNIOR, hosted and co-produced in October 2019 by CeTA Audiovisual Technology Center in Wroclaw, Poland. Hand-drawn animation, collage, stop-motion, video, photography, scratch and direct-on-film animation: a broad display of skill, playfulness and creativity in the creation of abstract film.

The films in these selections were produced in 21 cities from 7 countries. In Spain, participating institutions include CCCB Centre for Contemporary Culture in Barcelona, La Casa Encendida in Madrid, CDAN Art and Nature Centre in Huesca, DA2 Domus Artium in Salamanca, MARCO Museum of Contemporary Art in Vigo, the Museum of Abstract Art in Cuenca, and AnimaDeba Festival in the Basque Country.

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