Punto y Raya Festival 2012
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Only Dots & Lines!
On this occasion, all contents were produced by children aged between 6 and 12 years old.

Our first Junior edition took place at the Centre de Cultura Contemporània in Barcelona.


Activities Programme
Short Film & Photography Competitions

Almost 50 films submitted to our film competition, produced by children from 9 countries. We have also selected 307 photographs out of the almost 500 entered. The works were produced in Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, France, Greece, Italy, Mexico, Netherlands, Peru, Russia, Spain, Swizterland, Turkey, Ucraine, and the USA.

Short Film Guest Sessions

Specially curated for family audiences by MAD, creators of the festival, these sections explore the intrinsic relationship between sound and imagery, compiling various and curious techniques for the easy creation of abstract films. There is also a section running on a loop curated by the Arxiu Xcèntric for this occasion.

  • Free Radicals
  • Abstract Realities
  • Visual Music #1
  • Visual Music #2
  • The Best of PyR Junior 2012
  • Guest PyRformances

    As the result of the workshops carried out during the 2012 Academy Programme at many partnered institutions, or just hours before the show at the CCCB, these LIVE performances made by KIDS explore the creative possibilities of Dots and Lines in various spheres such as Dance, Music and Real-time Audiovisual Art (Live Cinema).

  • Soundpainting and paintsounding
  • Body and abstraction
  • Improvisa. Sound Animations
  • Pocket Big-Bang
  • Closing audiovisual concert
  • Academy for students

    Professionals from different areas (designers, composers, biochemists, mathematicians, visualists, programmers...) explained to us how the Dots and the Lines get together in their respective disciplines. To conclude, together we experimented, carried out actions, and created collective works in various formats applying what we've learned during the presentations.

  • Explore the cell + filpbook workshop
  • Mathematical adventures
  • Improvisa Sound Images
  • Pocket Big Bang
  • Techdome
  • Customise your superhero outfit
  • S.O.S H2O
  • Installations

    Playful explorations of the Dot and the Line from different approaches: recycled technologies, architecture and design, photograhy, sports and recreation, sustainibility and environmental studies... Dinamised by our partner groups all the day through.

  • Espacio Imaginado
  • La máquina del amor
  • Casa Sagnier
  • Espacio Reinventado
  • Superhéroes
  • Vídeojuegos Vintage

  • Mural de Cristal
  • Zona Chill-Out
  • Area de juegos
  • Psimon
  • Pintando con luz
  • Actions
    Junior 2012 Award Ceremony
    Junior 2012 Award Ceremony

    Junior Photography and Short-Film Award Ceremony, hosted by the members of our peculiar JURY: Mateo BagáJúlia Elvira, Ania GłowińskaZaloa IpiñaDaniel PitarchLeire Rabenberg, René Ríos & Selector Marx.

    Moderated by our M.C. Mila von Chobiak.

    Punto y Raya Junior 2012


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    Punto y Raya Junior 2012