Punto y Raya Festival 2009
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Only Dots & Lines!
The most abstract festival in the world is a feast of pure Form, Colour, Motion and Sound.

The second edition took place at Arts Santa Mònica.


Activities Programme
Short Film Competition

The 86 selected works in our second international call for entries (out of the 253 entered), structured into 6 reels with a runtime of 52'.

On this occasion, 72% of the films was created especially for the festival.


Short Film Guest Sessions
iotaCenter Retrospective
iotaCenter Retrospective

In our first collaboration with the iotaCenter in Los Angeles·CA, Larry Cuba will introduce this 16mm retrospective, which features two of his own works. We will discuss his creative process and the origins and evolution of abstract animation using computers.

Guest PyRformances

Alba G. Corral + Nika perform The Space in Between in an intimate setting. Telenoika Feedback Experience transport us far with their analog machines, which visualise sound and musicalise imagery. VJ Dima tells us about the origins of the Oscilloscope and performs an Audiovisual Concert with his synthesizer. Texas Sci Fi shake the building's foundations with their powerful noisism and digital visuals.

  • The Space in Between
  • Figures / Frequencies
  • Telenoika Feedback Experience
  • Síntesis y Curvas de Lissajous
  • Academy for students

    Adressing our youngest audience, Laboratorium are back with their sucessful Many Meters of Film. And the grown-ups are invited to explore various analog and digital tools to convey a particular concept in abstract visuals.

    Taller experimental puntilínea
    Muchos metros de película 2009
    Open Academy
    Complex Networks: The Architecture of Life
    Complex Networks: The Architecture of Life

    Addressed to general audiences, Sergi Valverde introduces us to the fascinating world of Complex Networks and their representation systems.


    Anita García_alehop! knits her enRED. L'Orchestra dels Luthiers Drapaires build a Videowall which generates abstract sounds and imagery in constant flux. And IED Barcelona Fashion Design students exhibit the works they've created inspired by dots and lines.

  • Video Wall
  • PyR in Fashion Design
  • enRED
  • Actions
    PyR 2009 Award Ceremony + Round Table
    PyR 2009 Award Ceremony + Round Table

    Award Ceremony and round table with the jurors and some of the artists in the competition: Bret Battey, Sabrina Schmid, John Osborne, Ned Resnikoff, Warren Stringer, Liana Alexandra, Petronio Bendito, Albert Callejo, Alba G. Corral, Larry Cuba, Pere Ginard, Eugeni Bonet, Zaloa Ipiña, Daniel Pitarch, María Maynar y Carlos Nieves Angarita.

    Punto y Raya Festival 2009


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    Punto y Raya Festival 2009