Punto y Raya Festival 2007
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Only Dots & Lines!
The most abstract festival in the world is a feast of pure Form, Colour, Motion and Sound.

The first edition took place at La Casa Encendida in Madrid.

Activities Programme
Short Film Competition

92 films from 22 countries were submitted to our first international call for entries.
These are the 54 selected works, structured in four 52' screening reels.


Short Film Guest Sessions
1923 - 2006 Panorama
1923 - 2006 Panorama

Specially curated for family audiences by MAD, creators of the festival, these sections explore the intrinsic relationship between sound and imagery, compiling various and curious techniques for the easy creation of abstract films. There is also a section running on a loop curated by the Arxiu Xcèntric for this occasion.

Guest PyRformances

SOLU + SupercineXcine delight us with the lifetime story of a peculiar Dot. The Belgian Foton dive us into an overpowering experience in ever-increasing sound and visual dimensions.

SOLU + SupercineXcene
Foton live
Academy for students
Many meters of film 2007
Many meters of film 2007

Open to all ages, Laboratorium propose various activities, which recreate traditional techniques of cameraless filmmaking on 16mm. film and paper strips.

Open Academy

Open to general audiences, in this conference Agustín García Calvo reflects upon the tautological relationship between the Dot and the Line, and its projection into social and political dimensions. José Antonio Millán takes us back to the origins of history to tell us about the creation and evolution of the punctuation marks in the western world.

The graphic representation of language in the West
O Raya o Punto
Punto y Raya Festival 2007


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Punto y Raya Festival 2007