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Ana Santos
Ana Santos

BA in Graphic Design and Photography. She works as a freelance art director and web designer.

Founder member of MAD.

Nöel Palazzo
Nöel Palazzo

Screenwriter and researcher. She occasionally delves into making experimental videos and animations, and lectures and writes essays as a film critic. A couple of her short films have been awarded internationally.

Since 2008 she's been a member of the iotaCenter's Advisory Council (Los Angeles, CA) and coordinator of the Spanish speaking community at the Visual Music Village.

She acts as a juror for various international film & animation festivals, and curates special programmes of avantgarde animation.


MAD is an non-profit association based in Barcelona, comprised of Ana Santos and Nöel Palazzo. For over fifteen years we've been working on cultural engineering through projects development involving Art, Science and Technology.
Some examples of our work are the Digital Alphabetisation Project in Catalonian Prisons (Ministry of Justice); Caótica: the Poetics of Complex Systems, and various curatorial tasks for institutions such as CCCB, MNAC, CaixaForum, MACBA in Barcelona, and Reina Sofía National Museum, Instituto Cervantes & La Casa Encendida in Madrid.
Whilst researching and curating experimental Film & Animation programmes, we were increasingly drawn towards the most radical works. We wanted to explore Universality and Timelessness in art, which naturally, took us through higher degrees of abstraction. We finally decided to provide a creative context to share and enjoy these type of artworks, and in the process, appeal to everybody's creativity, experimentation and sense of humour.
Deeply inspired by the works of Absolute Film and Visual Music pioneers from the early 1920s, we developed the Punto y Raya platform as a way to go back to basics and reflect upon the essence of Cinema: pure Form, Colour, Motion and Sound.
Today, in its over ten-year trajectory, Punto y Raya has become the world benchmark for Abstract Art in Motion.

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