Abstract Art in Motion


PUNTO Y RAYA is an international platform devoted to the promotion, education and production of audiovisual art in its purest state: Form, Colour, Motion and Sound. No representation! Its mission is to recapture the spirit of Cinéma Pure and Absolute Film formulated by the European avant-garde in the 1920s, and resignify it in the most diverse contexts through actions that promote its sustainability, thus consolidating this unique art form laying at the intersection between Fine Arts and Media.

The project was launched in 2007 by the Barcelonan non-profit association MAD with the first PUNTO Y RAYA FESTIVAL, event that has been taking place since then in the most relevant institutions of contemporary art and new technologies.

The early editions took place in Spain, at venues such as Museo Nacional de Arte Reina Sofía and La Casa Encendida in Madrid, or Arts Santa Mònica and CCCB Centre de Cultura Contemporània in Barcelona. Since 2014, consolidating coproduction sinergies across Europe, the festival has been held in different countries; to this date, Iceland (HARPA, Reykjavík), Germany (ZKM Zentrum für Kunst und Medien, Karlsruhe), Poland (CeTA Centrum Technologii Audiowizualnych, Wroclaw) and Austria (Österreichisches FilmMuseum / Künstlerhaus / StadtKino, Vienna). With seven 'senior' Festival editions under its belt, the most comprehensive Online Catalogue and Resource Centre in the genre, a large and diverse community, and a promotion platform comprising over 50 cities, PUNTO Y RAYA has consolidated itself as world the benchmark for Abstract Art in Motion.

Punto y Raya Festival
Punto y Raya Festival

The world event for Abstract Art in Motion brings together the Punto y Raya community in various cities. The Festival celebrates the latest achievements in abstract film, animation & new media, and recovers & contextualises great classics, providing a creative meeting point between artists and general audiences.
It invites experimenters to take the genre's possibilities to the limit, and motivates new audiences to take an active role in the creative process.

PyR Junior
PyR Junior

This extension of PyR Festival follows the same spirit and features the same type of activities. The difference is that the contents are MADE BY CHILDREN aged under 13 years old!
With two editions under its belt, Junior is already planning its third International Festival in Poland, with the participation of over hundred culture and educational institutions working with children in the four corners of the world..


Online Platform that grants free access to professionals, students and general audiences to the greatest Abstract Audiovisual Archive & Resource Centre. Designed for every agent in the sector, it features over thousand videos, biographies, filmographies, and educational resources on various levels.

PyR Academy
PyR Academy

Label under which we organise educational activities for diverse targets. ACADEMY fosters the sensitisation of new audiences and the formation of students and artists. It grants access to the work and creative process of the most renowned professionals in the genre; it sensitises and incorporates groups at risk of social exclusion; and it fosters the collaborative and interdisciplinary production of works, providing new tools and techniques. ACADEMY also hosts promotional events focused on sensitisation and outreach into new contexts.

PyR Festival
PyR Lab

PyRLAB POLAND is a non-profit association based in Wrocław, devoted to the education and promotion of Abstract Film and Media Art in that country and the Visegrád region. It develops projects that actively engage communities in art experimentation and the creative process; it establishes networks of artists, institutions, and educators that seek to promote the genre and sensitise broader audiences, and it implements strategies to resignify local cultural heritage through Abstract Art in Motion.

The association is part of the international Punto y Raya Platform, with partners in Spain and Austria. After coproducing the latest editions of Punto y Raya Festival (2018-2019) in Wrocław, PyRLAB is currently coproducing the 2021 editions of that world benchmark event: the third Punto y Raya Junior (Wrocław), and the ninth Punto y Raya Festival (Vienna).