Created and produced by the Barcelona-based association MAD (Moviment d'Alliberament Digital), PUNTO y RAYA fosters the preservation, production and promotion of ABSTRACT ART IN MOTION in all its practices: Film, Animation, Live Cinema, Performance, Installation, Interactivity, Net & Software Art.

Born in 2007 with the launch of the first PUNTO y RAYA FESTIVAL in Madrid, the event has seven editions under its belt and presence in over 50 cities around the globe, compiling the most comprehensive catalogue, aglutinating the broadest community, and consolidating itself as the worldwide benchmark in the genre.

PyR Structure
Its Mission is structured around three main axes:
PyR Festival
Punto y Raya Festival

This is the PyR Highlight event, biannually bringing together its community in a different city each time. The festival celebrates the latest achievements in the genre, and recovers & contextualises great classics. It invites the most renowned experimenters to resignify the genre's possibilities and applications; it consolidates its community and sensitises new audiences; it establishes international collaborations for education, production and distribution, and in the process, it consolidates PyR as the genre's benchmark.


Online Platform which facilitates the access to professionals, students and general audiences to the greatest Abstract Audiovisual Archive & Resource Centre. Designed for the needs of each agent in the sector (from production through distribution), it catalogues and offers in an intuitive manner all the knowledge in the genre, including on-demand video of the PyR Catalogue and other partnered archives. It also comprises carefully selected additional material, and publishes an exclusive series of documentaries exploring the life and work of the most innovative artists.
The pilot episode will be devoted to the British graphic designer and animator David Daniels.

PyR Festival
PyR Academy

Label under which we carry out educational activities for various targets.
ACADEMY fosters the sensitisation of new audiences and the professional training of design & media students. Through its theoretical activities, it provides the ideal context to dive into the work and creative process of the most renowned artists in the genre. And through its practical activities, ACADEMY promotes the collaborative and interdisciplinary production of abstract works in motion, providing new tools, approaches and techniques.
It also offers meeting points for the various agents in the sector, centred on multidisciplinary approach, the genre's development, and its artistic and commercial applications in various contexts.

PyR Festival

Advancing the genre's sustainability, the platform provides a release label with international distribution to all artists interested in commercialising their work. PyRTV offers various licenses for video-on-demand services, rental and sale, set in agreement with each artist in the catalogue.

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