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Abstract Art in Motion

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    Activities Programme

    Official Short Film Competition

    In our extended 2020-21 Call for Entries we received 761 eligible films from 56 countries. These are the 94 works from the record number of 38 countries in our PyR 2021 Official Competition! The works are structured into six 70' reels to be screened ONLINE, with the remote participation of featured artists.
    Watch the 6 programmes on demand for FREE in our PyRTV Platform. Available until Dec. 3rd.


    Screening Programmes  >   Competition
    PyR Competition Reel #1
    PyR Competition Reel #2
    PyR Competition Reel #3
    PyR Competition Reel #4
    PyR Competition Reel #5
    PyR Competition Reel #6

    Introducing a Netherlands Shortfilm Panorama curated by LIMA, a prominent platform, distribuitor and research centre in Amsterdam. And we welcome our friends from MONSTRA Festival with their Portuguese Shortfilm Panorama, introduced by festival programmer Miguel Pires de Matos.


    In our festival opening, and to close each day, we’ll celebrate with PyRformances (live cinema / audiovisual concerts). Myriam Boucher + Pierre-Luc Lecours (CA) will transport us to impossible landscapes with their Elements. The KinoManual duo (PL) returns with their PocketCinema, modified slide projectors combined with digitally animated light. At Künstlerhaus, more artists featured in the exhibition will mesmerise us animating their works live.


    MasterClasses complemented with Retrospective Screenings by great abstract animators & filmmakers, offering a unique insight into their creative process and body of work. And for the first time in our trajectory, we'll put together a selection of Works created by Students in a non-competitive session.


    A pleasure to announce the TRANSFORMATIONS Exhibition curated by festival partners Mutual Loop at Künstlerhaus (Nov. 25 - Dec. 8). Featured artists include KinoManual (PL), Jörg Piringer (AT), Zeno van den Broek (NL), Johanna Smiatek (DE), Thomas Steiner (AT), Tereza Stehlíková (UK), and Virgil Wildrich & Martin Reinhart (AT). Video works by Myriam Boucher (CA), Max Hattler (DE·HK), Blanca Rego (ES) and Billy Roisz (AT). A huge thank you to Künstlerhaus members and other guest artists for making this possible!


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    Ana Santos
    Ana Santos
    Co-Direction / International Production

    BA in Graphic Design and Photography. Founding member of MAD, a non-profit association in Barcelona that for nearly 20 years is devoted to the development of European projects related Art, Science and Technology.

    In 2007 she co-founded Punto y Raya Festival.

    She also curates themed screening programmes for various Spanish institutions.

    Nöel Palazzo
    Nöel Palazzo
    Co-Direction / International Production

    Screenwriter and researcher. She occasionally delves into making experimental videos and animations, and lectures and writes essays as a film critic. A couple of her short films have been awarded internationally.

    Since 2008 she's been a member of the iotaCenter's Advisory Council (Los Angeles, CA) and coordinator of the Spanish speaking community at the Visual Music Village.

    She acts as a juror for various international film & animation festivals, and curates special programmes of avantgarde animation.

    Holger Lang
    Holger Lang
    Local Production / Exhibition curator

    Holger Lang is an Austrian artist and filmmaker, living and working in Vienna. His artistic focus reaches from abstract and conceptual work to experimental and interdisciplinary projects. Traveling extensively he has been invited to numerous lectures, presentations, conferences and festivals in Europe, the US and Japan.

    For over 20 years he's been teaching animation, media arts and aesthetics for an American university at one of their satellite locations in Austria and also their main campus in St.Louis. Holger Lang is organising academic symposia in Vienna and Zagreb and he is curating programs of European and Austrian animation and experimental films for various venues. In addition he is managing and curating an independent gallery in Vienna and for several years he is one of the board members of ASIFA AUSTRIA where he is supporting, promoting and distributing contemporary Austrian animation.

    His own artistic output in film, experimental animation and fine arts has been shown in solo and group screenings and exhibitions for more than 25 years. Originally born in Germany he grew up in rural Austria, spent several years in the US and UK and – for now – settled in Vienna.

    Martina Tritthart
    Martina Tritthart
    Local Production / Exhibition curator

    Martina Tritthart works as an artist and curator at the interface of architecture and visual arts. She studied architecture at the University of Technology Graz. PhD on "Light Spaces - Spatial Models of Perception".

    She was assistant professor at the Institute for Spatial design at the TU Graz and in the program “space & designstrategies” at the University of Art and Design Linz, and is currently a lecturer at the University of Applied Science FH Joanneum and the FH Burgenland, where she teaches lighting and media design.

    At the faculty of architecture of the TU Graz she conducts workshops, featuring light and spatial perception.

    Monika Łuszpak-Skiba
    Monika Łuszpak-Skiba
    Junior Programme / Local Coordination

    With a background in Fine Arts, Monika has an MA in Cultural Studies from the University of Wroclaw, Poland.

    She worked in project development, cultural management, and marketing for various multinational companies. Monika is the project coordinator of the educational department at CeTA (Audiovisual Technology Center) in Wroclaw, organising courses and workshops, and implementing training programmes for professionals in new media and the film industry. She occasionally lectures and contributes papers on various art subjects.

    In 2018 Monika Łuszpak-Skiba joined the organisation team of Punto y Raya, coproducing the sixth edition of PyR Festival (CeTA, 2018) and co-producing and directing the subsequent JUNIOR editions at various venues in Wroclaw.

    In 2020 she founded the NGO PyR LAB Poland, devoted to the education, preservation and promotion of abstract fine arts, film, and new media in Poland and the Viségrad region.

    Larry Cuba
    Larry Cuba
    Community Coordinator

    Larry Cuba is one of the most important artists in the tradition known variously as abstract, absolute or concrete animation.
    While still a graduate student at The California Institute of the Arts, he was convinced of the artistic potential of computer graphics, but this was years before art schools began teaching the subject. So Larry solicited access to the mainframe computers at NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab and taught himself computer animation by producing his first film, "First Fig".
    In 1975 John Whitney invited him to be the programmer on one of his films; the result of this collaboration was "Arabesque".
    Subsequently, Cuba produced three more computer·animated films: "3/78" [Objects and Transformations], "Two Space", and "Calculated Movements".
    As Raphael Bassan wrote in a 1981 issue of La Revue du Cinema, "The computer animation establishes a parallel between visual perception and a structure of linguistic or mathematical order: it is concerned with establishing a new organizational field for the aesthetic material… In the sphere of abstract cinema [lacking a better term], Larry Cuba's research is, in fact, at the origin of a new direction which does not yet have a name…"

    Blickle Kino im Belvedere 21
     Quartier Belvedere, Arsenalstraße 1, 1030
    > website

    The Blickle Kino at Belvedere 21 is the only wholly intact cinema from the 1950s in Vienna. The generous support of Ursula Blickle allowed for the renovation of this extraordinary cinema, which architect Karl Schwanzer designed initially as part of the World Exhibition Pavilion in Brussels. Today, the Blickle Kino meets all cinematic standards and features a variety of Art Film programmes, including the Blickle Archive Series.
    This lovely space will house the PyR 2021 International Competition and other meeting points for artists and audiences.

     Karlsplatz 5, 1010
    > website

    Art exhibition building located on Karlsplatz and built between 1865 and 1868 by a non-profit artists' association, one of the oldest surviving in Austria. Since then, it has played a key role in shaping and enriching the country's cultural life.
    In 2021 Künstlerhaus has around 470 members from all areas of artistic creation, and more than ever, it sees itself as a platform for meeting all those interested in art and matters of cultural policy.
    Our Festival Opening, PyR Exhibition, Junior programme, and some live performances will be housed at the brand new FACTORY, a room devoted to multimedia experimentation.

    Österreichisches FilmMuseum  Austrian Film Museum
     Augustinerstraße 1, 1010
    > website

    The unique Invisible Cinema, located in the Albertina Museum, is an architectural space completely focused on the image and sound of the film. First envisioned by experimental filmmaker Peter Kubelka and architects Johannes Spalt and Friedrich Kurrent, this "black in black" space will host many of our non-competitive sessions, including exclusive programmes curated by Austrian FilmMuseum's own Jurij Medem and devoted to pioneering abstract animators Mary Ellen Bute and Len Lye.

     Museumsplatz 1/5 1070
    > website

    Spread over 90,000m2 in central Vienna and encompassing 60 cultural institutions, the MuseumsQuartier Wien is one of the largest districts for contemporary art and culture in the world.
    Raum_D, the College Auditorium at the MuseumsQuartier, will be our Early Bird meeting point for artists and the press.

    Organised by

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