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PyRLAB Poland


PyRLAB POLAND is a non-profit association based in Wrocław, devoted to the education and promotion of Abstract Film and Media Art in that country and the Visegrád region. It develops projects that actively engage communities in art experimentation and the creative process; it establishes networks of artists, institutions, and educators that seek to promote the genre and sensitise broader audiences, and it implements strategies to resignify local cultural heritage through Abstract Art in Motion.

The association is part of the international Punto y Raya Platform, with partners in Spain and Austria. After coproducing the latest editions of Punto y Raya Festival (2018-2019) in Wrocław, PyRLAB is currently coproducing the 2021 editions of that world benchmark event: the third Punto y Raya Junior (Wrocław), and the ninth Punto y Raya Festival (Vienna).


Zweite Junior Ausgabe // CeTA, Wrocław

With the participation of children and schools from 10 countries - 28 cities in the Call for Enries, the second PyR JUNIOR FESTIVAL included an international Showcase of Abstract Films created by children, live performances, workshops, interactive installations, guest screenings, and numerous creative and playful activities.