Think Tank Lab Triennale
Think Tank Lab Triennale

pl. Polski 3/4
50-156 Wrocław Poland

Think Tank lab is a Wrocław-based centre for contemporary drawing which is responsible for the organising and shaping the Think Tank Lab Triennale. TTL’s main goal is to represent and popularise a modern way of thinking about drawing by organising exhibitions, meetings, workshops and publishing thematic literature. The Centre’s core tenet of operation is to juxtapose the most inspiring creators, current accomplishments related to understanding and creating art, predominantly in the field of drawing, but also in other activities where they are using the simplest means of expression. The absence of the word “drawing” in its name reflects how the Think Tank Lab mainly concentrates on the role of creative and intellectual activities in the realm of the medium we are most interested in, outside the rigours of disciplinary divisions or technical standards.

Think Tank lab is interested in merging visual arts with other creative activities in the field of culture and social practices, based on collaborative efforts. Think tanks operating in social space are teams of specialists in their disciplines, practitioners jointly solving the dilemmas of contemporary times. Referring to the history and function of such entities emphasizes our focus on drawing as a basic operational instrument, but also the medium of broadly understood design, projection of visions and common actions.

This scope of TTL’s functioning is in turn in accordance with the tradition of the Drawing Triennale in Wrocław, which in its fifty-year history has undergone necessary transformations connected with the developmental trends in contemporary art.

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