Chris Casady

Chris Casady

Los Angeles·CA · USA

Chris Casady is a retired Hollywood animator who's motion picture credits include special effects work on (the original) Star Wars, Empire Strikes Back, TRON, Beetlejuice, Airplane! and others. His work has been seen in music videos, TV commercials, theme park rides and title sequences. Known for his abstract graphics Casady designed the opening for the American Film Institute's L.A. International Film Festival and the International Tournee of Animation. He has won two Clio awards for his work in animated commercials. 

His directing credits include an animated music video for the Beastie Boys, and a duet video between Eddie Murphy and Michael Jackson. His animated film, Pencil Dance, won awards at international animation festivals in Canada, France, Japan and Italy. His film Puddle Jumper was shown at the National Gallery of Art in Washington DC., and he was a judge at the Ottawa International Animation Festival in 1990.

Chris studied animation at California Institute of the Arts.

Lives in Los Angeles·CA, United States.

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