Paul O'Donoghue

Paul O'Donoghue

1973 | Dublin, Ireland.

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Paul O'Donoghue_Ocusonic, is an Irish composer/ audio visual artist based in Dublin. Ireland. He has released music under a number of pseudonyms for a variety of labels and produced music for television and radio. His audio visual work has screened internationally at more than 200 festivals in over 45 countries.

His current work is entirely audio visual and explores a disparate collection of methods and techniques for the creation of visual music. Underpinning all of these disciplines is Ocusonics, the real-time generation of synchronous audio and visual material.

Lives in Dublin, Ireland.

From Frequency to Image
PyR Academy 2015
Chasing Waves
PyR Academy 2015
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Abstract live Cinema, Installation & Interactivity
PyR Academy 2015