Joaquín "Kino" Gil

1952 | San José, Costa Rica.

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Graduated from CalArts with a formal education spanning biology, sciences, music, art and computers.
His professional film background includes Bob Zemeckis' “Contact”, Roland Emmerich's “Godzilla” , Verhoeven's “Starship Troopers”, “Stuart Little”, “Sphere” and “City of Angels”.

Today, Kino works from a boutique studio in Marina Del Rey, California, focused on digital films and animation-rich productions. His shorts “Sfereti” and “Tanz” were premiered at the Kodak Theater and are in the Renderyard Permanent Exhibition.
“Mecanismo” is a “Punto y Raya Festival 2007” finalist. His feature film “THE OUTSIDER” has won awards in the US and Europe.

Lives in Los Angeles·CA, USA.

Screening Programmes
The Best of Punto y Raya 2007
Guest Artist
Round Tables
Round table with authors in L.A.
Tour 2008