Wilhelm Stegmeier

Wilhelm Stegmeier


Composer of more than 100 soundtracks for film and television. Beyond his orchestral and electronic compositions influenced by Pierre Jansen, Ennio Morricone, Jerry Fielding, György Ligeti and Luigi Nono, he is a guitarist, educated and inspired by the No New York Scene, Glenn Branca, James Chance and the Contortions, Television, Pere Ubu, as well as British avantgarde bands like Wire and Pop Group.

His influences include guitarists like Robert Quine, Pat Place, and Michael Karoli (Can). From his early years he has been interested in liberating sound beyond tradition. Nonos uncompromisingly experimental style in the treatment of composition and emotional expression, Ligeti’s sound textures, and Penderecki’s density and precision, have had a great impact on his musical expression as a composer and guitarist as well as contemporary band projects such as Sunn O))), Russian Circles, Mars Volta with whom he shares the compositional deconstruction of musical clichés.

Lives in Berlin, Germany.