Punto y Raya Festival 2011
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Only Dots & Lines!
The most abstract festival in the world is a feast of pure Form, Colour, Motion and Sound.

The third edition took place at the Reina Sofía National Museum and Arts Centre.


Activities Programme
Short Film Competition

328 films from 42 countries were submitted to our third international call for entries.

These are the 109 selected works, structured in seven 50' reels and screened in FULL HD.


Short Film Guest Sessions

David Daniels & Bärbel Neubauer introduce their retrospectives in person. The iotaCenter returns with a new section in 16mm. And our first collaboration with l'Alternativa as Guest Section.

  • Guest section: l'Alternativa
  • Bärbel Neubauer Retrospective
  • David Daniels Retrospective
  • iotaCenter Retrospective
  • Guest PyRformances

    Alba G. Corral + Escort Service resignify the pictorial work of Catalonian artist Pérez Porro. Hatori Yumi floods the Auditorio 200 with his minimalism. Things Happen take us for a walk through vintage animated pieces, and the Belgian Optical Machines perform their amazing SHIFT for the first time in Spain.


  • Alba G. Corral + Escort Service
  • Hatori Yumi live
  • Things Happen + Serch
  • [shift]
  • Academy for students
    Optical Experimentation
    Optical Experimentation

    We continue forming young animators. Laboratoria carries out some optical experiments with White and Black Lights so that children can "animate" abstract films using their own bodies.

    Open Academy

    Addressing general audiences, Víctor Pérez-Porro introduces us to his prolific pictorial work in various formats. Javier Romañach, convinced that "There's something about Phi", reveals the deep connections between Chaos & Order in both, Nature and human constructions.

    A journey through his pictorial work
    Chaos and order

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    Punto y Raya Festival 2011